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How would it feel to have a couple hundred left over dollars in your pocket EVERY SINGLE WEEK ? If you don’t know, I’ll show you all the tips and tricks to do so, I’m just a High School kid making fast money. What I sell is Motor Club of America, it’s roadside assistance with tons and tons of benefits up to dental, health, car rental and hotel discounts. <<<< Those are just the basics ,  there are 3 plan types. The $20,$30, and( $40 plan, the Platinum plan ),which is top of the line because it’s more pricier every month . Each time you sell a plan you get double, so if you sell the $20 plan you get $40 bucks direct deposit into you bank account. Plus you have the service because you will use it sooner the later. Stay with me on this journey, I’m building a team and need motivated workers that’s gonna stay in contact and work 2-6 hours a week. That’s it. On my BLOGS, I’m going to be sharing my life and marketing my business at the same time. I’ll be showing the people who sign up how market and I’ll be sharing how everything works !!!

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